New ATI Certification Program for Game Developers

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New ATI Certification Program for Game Developers

Post by Apoptosis » Fri Feb 25, 2005 11:08 am

ATI introduced a new expansive certification program for game developers today!!

[quote]Markham, Ontario - February 28th, 2005 - ATI is introducing a new certification program to ease the development and implementation of the latest graphics technology for game developers. The program reduces the need for extensive hardware validation by developers, allowing them to devote their resources solely to creating compelling games for end users. In an industry where one bug can eliminate profits in customer support costs, ATI's new program of working even earlier on testing games will ultimately result in a more efficient and focused development process.

The cornerstone of the new program is thorough testing of applications on all ATI platforms and CATALYST releases. ATI has created a dedicated lab for this program, to perform focused pre-release testing of partners' games for all ATI software and hardware configurations. This new lab further enhances ATI's support of the game development community through all phases of development, from initial design, core development and now the final product validation.

The program will also provide partners the opportunity to maximize their relationship with ATI through promotional and marketing opportunities tailored to their needs. Game developers can participate in this program by contacting our Developer Relations team at [email protected].

ATI's ISV program ATI's dedicated ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and Developer Relations team focuses on education, technical support and coding assistance to drivegraphics feature adoption in gaming applications, both in the PC market and in emerging markets, such as mobile handsets. A core mandate of the team is the support of open standards and tools, which assists in speeding development and innovation on all hardware, for game developers big and small. Having built strong industry relationships bridging hardware and software, ATI's ISV team ensures that research and innovation make its way to the end user for the ultimate gaming experience.

ATI's new ISV Certification Program is also a key element of ATI's Certification initiative. ATI has tested and Certified over 200 products, carrying ATI chipsets, to verify their quality, stability and reliability. This quality program ensures that a “Certified by ATIâ€

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