ACON5 USA Finals @ E3

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ACON5 USA Finals @ E3

Post by Apoptosis » Wed Mar 23, 2005 5:04 pm

Wanting a chance to play in ACON5? I had the chance to be at the ACON4 finals in China last summer and all I can say is that the event is awesome! ABIT is really giving back to the gamers with the ACON series. Take a look and see if you need to attend a qualifier.
We are glad to announce to that ACON5 - a global gaming event held in 20 countries and territories worldwide. Sponsored by the industry leaders, ACON5 promises to be one of the most exciting gaming spectacles of 2005, with the ACON5 grand finals location soon to be announced. Today, ABIT USA along with Intel, ATi, Corsair, LG, Creative, Zalman, Thermaltake, Auravision and NewEgg are proud to announce ACON5 North America Regional Qualifiers and Finals.

Champions from each qualifier will win the chance to represent their region at the ACON5 North American Finals. There will be one winning CS:1.6 team and 1 WCIII winner selected at each game center. As the regional representative, ACON will take you, all expenses paid, to the most exciting gaming expo in the USA - E3 in Los Angeles, California.

The ACON5 Qualifying Tournaments are open to gamers of all skills - gamers from the US and Canada can register at one of the regional centers by visiting the ACON5 website ( Two days of gaming, commencing on Saturday the 23rd of April, can be purchased for just $75 per team (or $15 per player) for Counter-Strike™ 1.6. Thanks to the support of ACON5 sponsors such as ATI, Corsair, Intel, LG, and official sponsors Creative, Zalman, Thermaltake, Auravision and NewEgg, Warcraft® III: Frozen Throne is just $20 per player.

ACON5 North American Qualifier rules and prizes will be announced soon!!! Watch for announcements on and!

ACON5 North American Finals

The ACON5 North American Finals will take place on Thursday, May 19th at the E3 Expo in LA, CA. The prize pool of $50,000 for winners includes the North American champion's all-expenses paid trip to the undisclosed exotic location in June to represent North America at the ACON5 Global Final Competition. Media from around the planet will be in attendance to record your every move, as you're challenged to the finish by the best players from around the globe in this once-in-a-lifetime gaming event.

The registration website will be open to all gamers. A number of special activities taking place at ACON5 North America will be announced in the coming weeks. Watch for announcements on and!

Are you up to the challenge? This summer, stake your claim at ACON5. Take On The World!

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