AMD Dual Core Opteron Now In AMD64 Longevity Program

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AMD Dual Core Opteron Now In AMD64 Longevity Program

Post by Apoptosis » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:36 pm


- AMD64 technology gaining traction in numerous embedded markets-
SUNNYVALE, CA-AUGUST 4, 2005-AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced that its
industry-leading, dual-core technology is now available through the
AMD64 Longevity Program, serving high-end embedded designs that require
stable, longer-than-standard processor supply roadmaps. The Dual-Core
AMD Opteron(tm) processor Models 165, 265 and 865, as well as the
lower-power 55 watt version of each, are planned to be available for
five years, allowing embedded designers to enjoy the performance of true
x86 dual-core technology in thermal and power envelopes that these
markets demand.
"Enterprise-class storage and telecom infrastructure are two areas that
can experience a huge performance boost from AMD's dual-core products,"
said David Rich, director of 64-bit Embedded Markets at AMD. "The
Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture and
HyperTransport(tm) technology is superb for the storage market, where
performance is measured by how quickly information can move within a
system. HyperTransport outperforms any other available chip-to-chip
link option in terms of reducing latency and is the industry leader in
delivering bandwidth."

"Storage is becoming a more and more important component of the overall
data center strategy," said Vernon Turner, Group Vice President and
General Manager of Enterprise Computing at IDC. "As companies face
increasing pressures to be able to archive and then quickly retrieve all
of their data, based on business requirements like security backup and
Sarbanes-Oxley, the storage systems deployed need top-notch performance.
AMD's dual-core technology is only going to
improve on an already storage-optimized architecture that can move data
quickly and provides ample memory bandwidth."

AMD64 processors are currently being designed into a number of
forthcoming high-end embedded systems. Beyond network storage and
telecommunications, industries such as military computing, homeland
security and medical imaging should also recognize the performance and
efficiency of true dual-core technologies.

"We find AMD's true dual-core technology increases performance
without requiring more power or a larger footprint," said Chiman Patel,
CEO and CTO of WIN Enterprises. "We designed our AMD Opteron
processor-based EBX controller to support both single- and dual-core
processors, as well as multiple processors via the stackable
HyperTransport(tm) connector. AMD's unmatched performance-per-watt is a
key selling-point for our customers who are also concerned with thermal
and physical limitations - which are common requirements in the embedded

In addition to offering support and supply longevity, AMD is further
enabling the embedded design community with a new upcoming Reference
Design Kit from Critia Computer, Inc., expected to be available in Q3 of
2005. This RDK represents a Compact PCI design and will help speed
customers' development of communications infrastructure and high-end
embedded products.

About AMD
AMD (NYSE:AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors, Flash
memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the computer,
communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to
delivering standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology
users, ranging from enterprises and governments to individual consumers.
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