Press Release:ADATA First To Qualify DDR2 By Intel In Taiwan

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Press Release:ADATA First To Qualify DDR2 By Intel In Taiwan

Post by Apoptosis » Fri May 14, 2004 1:18 am

A-DATA Technology, is the first in Taiwan to receive the Intel's Platform Memory validation of the DDR2 533MHz Non-ECC unbuffered DIMM, please refer to further details at ... esults.htm A-DATA is also the first DRAM modules manufacturer in Taiwan to launch DDR2 memory modules.
A-DATA's DDR2 samples had passed the compatibility test of Taiwan¡¦s first tier motherboard makers, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and Elite.

As the new generation of the DDR2 memory technology can offer faster speed up to 667 MHz, greater bandwidth, lower power consumption (1.8 Volts), and it¡¦s Fine-pitch BGA (FBGA) chip package for enhanced thermal performance where it has overcome DDR memory technology¡¦s limitations.

About A-DATA

A-DATA Technology is a worldwide leading 3C applications provider in DRAM memory modules, Flash memory peripherals and Multi-Media products. According to 2003 annual performance, A-DATA ranks No. 99 and 107 among the top 1,000 manufacturers in Taiwan by Business Weekly and Common Wealth Magazines.

Now A-DATA is the largest DRAM module manufacturer in Taiwan and it's confident to become the top-3 3C applications provider in the globe. To learn more about A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., please visit its web site at

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