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World's smallest NVIDIA ION2 based PC -Giada N20

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:51 am
by Apoptosis
World's smallest ION2 based PC -Giada N20

Giada N20 Ultra Mini PC, Go Small Think Big!
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South San Francisco, CA - Giada Technology, Inc. introduces the Giada N20 Ultra Mini PC at the
GPU Technology Conference. The Giada N20 is the world’s smallest PC based on the next generation
NVIDIA® ION™ processor, and can handle rich media with ease through its embedded Adobe Flash,
H.264, and its Blu-Ray hardware decoder which is based on the NVIDIA® GT218 graphics with
512MB dedicated graphics memory. This graphics also runs most PC games well.

Standard Configuration:
Intel Dual Core Atom Processor / 2GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive / 11n/g WiFi / Bluetooth / eSATA /
Media Card Reader / Digital Optical SPDIF-out 5.1 Audio / HDMI and VGA Dual Display / Gigabit
Ethernet / Windows 7 Home Premium. Priced at $449.

Fashion, Design and Unique Features
The Giada N20 has a sleek design that would appeal to fashion-savvy users and users that are
looking for portability. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet packed with lots of power and all the
I/O connectivity that you will ever need. It is a true multimedia PC that would be ideal in any type of
environment, be it the living or the entertainment room, the bedroom, the kitchen, or even the bathroom. It is so quiet
that you will not be able to tell if the power is on or off. The Giada N20 also comes with a special remote control that can power it on or
off independently of the operating system.

The Giada N20’s slim design, at only 23.24mm thick, raises the bar and sets new standards in the ultra mini-PC market.
The N20 comes with two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 2.0/E-SATA combo port, a four-in-one interface for a reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO),
one HDMI, one VGA and one SPDIF-out port. What’s more, the N20 is equipped with Gigabit LAN, and it also supports Bluetooth.

Power-Saving and Super Quiet
Because of its low power consumption design, the Giada N20 has excellent power-saving capabilities
and runs very quietly. Giada N20 also runs at only 26dB, ensuring you a very quiet computing

1080p HD and Gaming Center
Giada N20 is powered by the Intel® Atom™ Processor D510 and the next-generation NVIDIA®
ION™ graphics solution. The NVIDIA® ION™ is well known for its outstanding graphics, and so the
Giada N20 delivers performance that enables you to immerse yourself in games or 1080p HD movies.

Visual Experience
The Giada N20 is designed with the best of the PC gaming technologies, and offers a stable,
full-speed, wide-coverage platform for delivering stunning content. With its modern design, mini size,
silent operation, the low-power Intel ®Atom™ Processor D510 CPU (with its performance improved
by 20% compared with the Intel ®Atom™ 330), and the next generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics
solution (the 3D performance is twice that of the earlier NVIDIA® ION™), it can support DirectX 10.1,
full HD 1080p playback and 3D Blu-ray. The Giada N20 delivers a robust visual experience like never

Model Giada N20
Processor Intel® Atom™ Processor D510
GPU Next generation NVIDIA® ION™ (GT218 w/512M)
Memory 2GB (Max. 4GB) DDRⅡ 667MHz
HDD 320G (Max. 750G)SATA2 2.5" HDD
I/O 2x USB2.0, 1x e‐SATA / USB2.0 Combo, 1x Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO), 1x
HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x SPDIF‐out
LAN Gigabit LAN + WiFi 802.11n + Bluetooth
Audio AUDIO‐Out/MIC‐in
Power consumption 31 to 36W
Size 160 x 175 x 23mm
Color White or Black

About Giada Technology, Inc.
Giada Technology, Inc. emphasizes the concept of “Tech, Fashion, Art”, and provides powerful platforms
for digital entertainment. Its specialty is in new, fashionable, and stylistic ultra mini PCs, as well as
motherboards, graphic cards and all-in-one PCs.

Re: World's smallest NVIDIA ION2 based PC -Giada N20

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:14 pm
by dmckay84
my iOne is much faster and has is built into my 19 inch lcd, with touchscreen. The on board video card work great in photoshop and illustrator, no lagg. not sure why anyone would want this little box on there desk when it could all be hidding and out of the way!! this company makes a keyboard pc like the old commadore... awsome! worth looking into

Re: World's smallest NVIDIA ION2 based PC -Giada N20

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:22 pm
by hnzw_rui
RichardR wrote:I just bought one, and it can't just play 720p videos ! I could kill someone. So expensive for just a SD video player.
I tried many HD videos, and all are played second by second, with a stop every time. Impossible to watch.
What player were you using? DXVA is pretty much a requirement for these builds.

Re: World's smallest NVIDIA ION2 based PC -Giada N20

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:25 pm
by hnzw_rui
RichardR wrote:I'm using VLC, thanks for the tip, I will try.
Though I'm not very hopeful cause with VLC it is really really slow !
If I remember correctly, DXVA support in VLC is still in its beta stage. Try using Media Player Classic - HomeCinema.

In MPC - HomeCinema, go to View >> Options >> Internal Filters >> Transform Filters. Make sure H264/AVC (DXVA) and VC1 (DXVA) are checked, and H264/AVC (FFmpeg) and VC1 (FFmpeg) are unchecked.