NZXT Announces Premium Cables Starter Kit

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NZXT Announces Premium Cables Starter Kit

Post by Apoptosis »

NZXT Announces Premium Cables Starter Kit

New edition of NZXT’s award-winning Premium Cables provides all the necessary cabling for a new PC build
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El Monte, CA – February 28, 2012 – NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the Premium Cables Starter Kit. Designed so that PC enthusiasts no longer have to seek out cables individually, the Premium Cables Starter kit includes all the pivotal pieces for a new build including the following cables in lengths of 250mm…

CB 6V – 6Pin VGA Extension
CB 24P – 24Pin Motherboard Extension
CB 8P – 8Pin Motherboard Extension
CB 8V – 6Pin to 6+2Pin VGA Extension

“Whenever I start up a new build, it’s always such a hassle to go through and individually order every cable to get up and running” said Johnny Hou, Founder of NZXT. “With the Premium Cables Starter Kit, you have everything in one convenient package so you can complete the build quickly and game on.”

The Starter Kit will be available later in March for $24.99.

For product information, technical specifications, image gallery and more, visit ... tarter_kit.

About NZXT
NZXT is a global brand established in 2004 as a PC hardware company built on the dreams of gamers. Their unique lineup of award-winning gaming hardware is completely inspired by gaming culture with product designs driven by the worldwide community of PC Enthusiasts and gamers. Combining unique design and unparalleled performance, gamers can find quality hardware representing their own style and personality in NZXT.
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Re: NZXT Announces Premium Cables Starter Kit

Post by hoxlund »

ok nice idea NZXT but isn't the whole point of sleeved modded cables to not have stray cables/connectors? why do you make a 6+2 pin video card cable?

so if your video card needs 2x 6pin power. your going to plug the 6 pin and the 6+2 pin in and have the remaining 2 pins dangle there?


come on Bitfenix, you ruled the market with your alchemy sleeved modded cables.

I also read a review a while ago that says the NZXT cables feel extremely plasticiky (is that a word). and not at all like the nice braided clothy feel of the Bitfenix.

just my 2 cents
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