MSI Announces MS-9A29 - Fanless Intel Atom Compact PC

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MSI Announces MS-9A29 - Fanless Intel Atom Compact PC

Post by Apoptosis » Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:59 am

MS-9A29 offers perfect cool solution in its ultra-compact design
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MSI, the leading provider of industrial PC, has released a new embedded system to the market. The newly launched MS-9A29 is an ultra compact size fanless embedded system with low-power Intel® Atom processor, offering a perfect cool solution for industrial applications. The versatile installation options of wall mounting, display-attaching, and cabinet installation allow the embedded system to be easily integrated in various field sites, especially fits to space-critical application sites. Great flexibility can also be found in this product with its rich networking, storage, and expansion options. Thanks to all the friendly design, the MS-9A29 offers great cost-effectiveness with maximum flexibility and convenience for your future maintenance or expansion.

Calm, Slim, yet Versatile
For mission-critical industrial applications, a cool industrial computer for non-stop operation is always required. Featuring with Intel® Atom low-power processor and smart mechanical design, the MS-9A29 offers this kind of calm solution that many industrial applications need. With its small-size housing, the MS-9A29 can be easily integrated in space-critical cabinet, automation control system, or directly attached to LCD monitors using the optional bracket and simply one screwdriver. The flexibility for integration of this small system is achieved with multiple communication options (Gigabit LAN/Serial/WiFi/3G), rich storage media (SATA, mSATA, and Mini-PCIe), and the great expansion possibilities with Mini-PCIe. For on-site monitoring, dual independent displays with VGA and HDMI outputs are supported to ensure error-free operation. All of these well satisfy the diversified yet critical demand from automation control, data communication, digital signage, KIOSK, and more.

Innovative Design with User in Mind
Unlike most compact-size embedded systems with fixed case design, the MS-9A29 has a removable bottom cover design that allows users to easily access the mainboard, so that the installation or maintenance of the memory, serial ports, HDD, WiFi, or 3G modules can be quickly done. MSI is the pioneer to design a 3G SIM card holder onboard*, making the system ready for 3G application without the need to redesign an additional SIM card holder for the entire kiosk, digital signage, or automation system.

*Almost all of the mini-PCIe 3G add-on cards available on the market are not designed with a SIM card holder. This bothers the system integrator when integrating 3G network to their target system (Kiosk, automation, digital signage, etc.). They have to specifically redesign a SIM card holder to their system.

Key Features:

Slim and compact size that is perfect for space-critical applications
Ready-to-attach to LCD monitors with simply one screwdriver and optional bracket
Intel® Atom processor with ultra low power and fanless design, a perfect cool solution for automation
Support DDR3 SO-DIMM memory up to 4GB
Dual independent displays with VGA and HDMI outputs
Dual Gigabit LAN for high-bandwidth communications
Dual Mini-PCIe for expansion (one with SIM holder), offering more application possibilities
Versatile options for networking: Gigabit LAN and optional WiFi/3G by Mini-PCIe
Removable bottom cover design for internal Mini-PCIe (WiFi/3G…), SATA, memory, and serial connection
Designed with 3G SIM-card holder onboard ready for 3G Mini-PCIe application
Support mSATA for solid state disk option, offering faster data access and reliable storage
Two openings on rear panel reserved for 3G/WiFi antennas
Can be mounted on wall or monitor (with bracket)

More information about MS-9A29 is an ultra compact size fanless embedded system, visit:
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Re: MSI Announces MS-9A29 - Fanless Intel Atom Compact PC

Post by INeedAFnSuffix » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:31 pm

With that many RS232 ports looks like a great power saving option for whatever they are using (still) :lol:
You won't believe me when i say some still use embedded Athlons or worse, embedded Northwoods

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Re: MSI Announces MS-9A29 - Fanless Intel Atom Compact PC

Post by ohenryy » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:55 am

how much are they selling for?

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