OCZ Announces DDR Booster Diagnostic Tool

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OCZ Announces DDR Booster Diagnostic Tool

Post by Apoptosis » Tue Jun 15, 2004 7:23 pm

I'm not sure how well this will work on many of the IC's that are internally voltage regulated, but will work on some for sure.


Product Link http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/a ... tic_Device
OCZ Announces DDR Booster Diagnostic Tool

Sunnyvale, CA June 15, 2004

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high-reliability memory, today announced the release of the DDR Booster, a power-filtering and voltage boost diagnostic device.

The DDR Booster uses OCZ Technology Group’s patent pending Powerclean™ technology to supply cleaner power to the memory module, thereby increasing memory stability and optimizing performance. A digital VDIMM readout and voltage adjustment control dial enables the user to adjust the VDIMM (VDD and VDDQ) voltage to a maximum of 3.9 volts .

“OCZ Technology is dedicated to providing users every conceivable tool to leverage maximum computer performance” said Dr. Michael Schuette, Director of Technology development at OCZ Technology. “Powerclean™ technology revolutionizes the way we approach issues relating to insufficient and/or "dirty" power that may hold back the full performance potential of memory devices”

The OCZ DDR Booster is compatible with all first generation DDR platforms. It is simple and easy to install and, as all OCZ products, it is supported by direct, toll-free technical assistance. For price and availability, please check with your favorite OCZ retailer.

For more information o­n the OCZ DDR Booster, please visit the product page here.

About OCZ Technology Group

OCZ Technology Group, a member of JEDEC, designs, develops and manufactures innovative, high-performance memory and accessories that set the industry standards. OCZ memory is the first choice for memory users needing high-reliability, ultra-high performance memory solutions. All of OCZ Technology Group’s products are available through its worldwide network of distributors, online resellers and retail stores. An index of suppliers carrying OCZ products can be found at http://www.ocztechnology.com/wheretobuy.

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