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Post by Apoptosis » Thu Jun 24, 2004 6:56 pm

Taipei, TAIWAN May 25, 2004 – Following the successful launch of its DDR2 533MHz memory module for desktop computers, memory technology leader KINGMAX today unveiled its 1GB DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM for notebook computers, featuring low power consumption, excellent thermal dispersion, and high-speed data transfer and bandwidth.

With next-generation Alviso notebook computers coming into the market starting third quarter of this year, their support for the DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM specifications will open a new chapter in the high-speed digital lifestyle. KINGMAX 1GB DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM incorporates the latest in next-generation memory technology, boosting JEDEC 200pin, 1.8V operation, and saves close to 50% on power consumption and increased thermal dispersion. Specially designed for next-generation high-speed notebook computer users, the memory module also uses ODT (on-die-termination) technology to steady signal waves at high speeds, greatly enhancing memory performance and upper clock limits.

KINGMAX 1GB DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM for next-generation notebook computers clocks data at up to 266MHz with a memory bandwidth of 4.3GB/s. Uniquely designed to minimize noise interference, system efficiency and stability are greatly increased for maximum overall performance. It also boosts excellent thermal dispersion, lower voltage, perfect speed and stable quality. KINGMAX 1GB DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM is available in 256MB, 512MB and 1GB to give users the most complete range of purchase options.

KINGMAX 1GB DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM for notebook computers features:
l 200-pin 533MHz DDR module
l CAS Latencies: 3, 4, 5
l Voltage: 1.8V, reducing power consumption by approximately 50%
l Great heat dissipation capabilities
l Exceptional memory functionality and efficiency
l Available memory capacity: 256MB / 512MB / 1GB
l Global lifetime warranty

Kingmax is the world's first memory module manufacturer with advanced packaging and testing facilities. With its patented TinyBGA packaging technology and small physical size, great heat dissipation capabilities and stability of its memory products, Kingmax has challenged and overcome technological barriers by more than doubling memory capacity. This is why Kingmax has a distinctive edge over its rivals with its new generation, high bandwidth DDR2 memory products. Also, its mature R&D and design, manufacturing, and testing experience over the last five years with its TinyBGA memory modules is further testament that the best quality and stability are integral to the new Kingmax DDR2 memory products. All of Kingmax's memory products undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure 100% conformity and are covered by Kingmax's global lifetime warranty ensuring product quality. Kingmax has always been and will continue to be committed to providing consumers with the very best in memory solutions.

Please see Kingmax's official website ( for more detailed information on our entire product range.

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