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DFI® Unveils New Flagship LANParty™ 925X-T2 Motherboard

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 8:44 am
by Apoptosis
DFI® Unveils New Flagship LANParty™ 925X-T2 Motherboard

- Cutting-edge Intel® LGA 775 based solution boasts industy’s richest feature set, blazing fast performance, and unique luminous components for the performance driven and esthetically minded enthusiasts -
Hayward, CA (July 20, 2004) – DFI®, a worldwide leader in corporate stable and performance desktop motherboard solutions, today launched the highly anticipated LANParty™ 925X-T2 motherboard. Designed for the new Intel® LGA 775 platform, the LANParty 925X-T2 features Intel 925X / ICH6R chipset and boasts support for the new DDR2 memory in dual channel mode, 16x PCI-Express video cards, 2+1 1x PCI Express connector slots for future PCI-E based devices, proprietary 8-channel Karajan™ high definition audio, dual Gigabit (PCI + PCI-E) LAN, Serial ATA Matrix™ RAID, USB 2.0, and IEEE 1394 Firewire ports.

Answering to the discerning demand for a flexible PCI-E lock to enable 10%+ overclocking on this platform, DFI’s new LANParty addition is industry’s first to adopt a completely intuitive PCI-E algorism that automatically detects overclocking requirements and hardware bottlenecks and adjusts on the fly. As a part of the proprietary CMOS Reloaded overclocking utility, users can now enjoy unsurpassed performance boost in a smart way!

Advanced Onboard Components Offering DFI RockSolid Stability

To ensure optimal user experience, DFI’s new Alderwood motherboard increases its reliability and features RockSolid Stability standard by using all Japanese capacitors, 4-phase PWM/MOSFETs, non-iron choke and high performance VCORE capacitors.

Meeting the increasing power requirement of the new LGA 775 processors, the new LANParty 925X-T2 features 4-phase PWM to increase efficiency in heat dissipation and improve stability by lowering power consumption each phase bears. For each phase of PWM, DFI uses 4 MOSFETs to provide parallel load sharing. In this scenario, the total power consumption is diminished and enables the motherboard to stay cooler. Other RockSolid features include the use of non-iron chokes to keep the motherboard from overheating and whistling, and high performance VCORE capacitors that decreases the equivalent series resistance to nearly half to provide the most stable VCORE for overclocking enthusiasts.

Theater-Like Karajan 8-channel Audio Experience

Taking full advantage of Intel’s new Azalia audio standard, DFI’s proprietary Karajan further eliminates the unwanted noise by embedding the audio codec on a separate daughter card. By isolating the codec into an independent grounding, less interference is produced with other digital grounds on the motherboard. Karajan audio solution allows for crystal clear analog sound output even when other I/O devices are being used.

A Rich Flora Of Motherboard Features
Building on the features the Intel 925X/ICH6R chipset has to offer, the LANParty 925X-T2 goes above and beyond with dual Gigabit LAN (PCI and PCI-Express) for ultra fast network connection, serial ATA Matrix RAID for reliable and increased data security, and proprietary CMOS Reloaded technology to make overclocking friendlier than ever. Designed with the enthusiasts and the LAN party gamers in mind, DFI’s latest offering enables users to run DDR2 in dual channel mode, hence relieving the bottleneck in CPU processing as a result of limited memory bandwidth. In addition, DFI users can now take full advantage of the new PCI-Express based graphic solutions for enhanced realism and heightened gaming experience.

Enriched Bundle Units Offering Everything But A Kitchen Sink
Furthering the LANParty’s commitment in the case modification space, the new LANParty 925X-T2 marks the start of a new bundling standard. In addition to the three UV sensitive round cables and a sturdy PC Transpo PC carrying case, users can now benefit from the additional features to make his perfectly “modded PC”. To facilitate a tidier looking system, DFI will now include an additional UV sensitive sleeving kit in matching colour. FrontX will be available in black color and will feature a mini Firewire port, a SPIDF out port and a Serial ATA port with easy front access. In addition, users will benefit from the serial/IDE converter card to bridge today’s storage standard with tomorrow’s.

The new LANParty 925X-T2 is now available through DFI’s authorized distributors and resellers. For more information on where to buy, please visit

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