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PCIe slot [email protected] performance?

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:48 pm
by skier
so i have an Intel DX38BT board that has two primary PCIe slots at full x16, with a third @ 4x(still a physical x16 slot) does anyone know if the slower slot speed would impact [email protected] performance? i want to run a 9800GT single height in the x4 slot because my GSOs are dual height and run hot so i don't want one of them on the bottom..

also, if something isnt right with that setup, i'd run a GSO in another pc, can you have a card in the slot, but the monitor not connected to it?(use integrated vga so the desktop/video playback isnt laggy which it commonly is) i know i can run video off a 4670 and have a GSO just kinda "there" folding....

Re: PCIe slot [email protected] performance?

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:12 pm
by spitter
No it won't make a hit on folding performance,

Re: PCIe slot [email protected] performance?

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:09 am
by Vectrexer
agreed, no issues folding on the x4 slot for your card.