Boot IDE before RAID?

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Boot IDE before RAID?

Post by top » Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:28 am

Windows: I think I have a corrupted RAID 0 with my two Raptor X HDs and I'm trying to recover the data off them. Right now I'm trying to use another HD with an OS installed to copy the data from the RAID but it's impossible to do so when raid is enabled in BIOS for the drives with the RAID array. I have my HD boot priority set to the stand-alone IDE drive but everytime raid is enabled it tries to load up the RAID as the OS.

I can't access the Recovery console on the RAID in XP setup but I can access the Windows Boot menu. But only one OS shows up in the Boot Other OS option. So accessing the RAID drives in Windows is impossible atm.

If I tried to load the OS on the RAID setup I get the "HAL.DLL" error.
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Re: Boot IDE before RAID?

Post by SAMSAMHA » Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:33 pm

that's the problem with raid, the data are being spammed across HDs so if there's hd failure, the data will be corrupted.

You really should not run raid 0 as it's quite insecure with data.

at the moment, I think you could see if you can use windows to repair the windows installation to see if that can fix your os to allow you boot into Windows to recover the files.

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