Windows Home Server?

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Re: Windows Home Server?

Post by Skippman » Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:09 pm

hnzw_rui wrote:400GB is small, relatively speaking (check sig :roll: ). Internal 500GB hard drives are in the range of USD50~60 nowadays. Albeit, further discussion of remuxing/batch encoding is a bit useless until you've establish that Tversity's causing the problem and not Windows 2000. If Tversity works fine under Vista, it's a moot point since you could just carry on using Tversity as normal. The only advantage to WHS, I think, is the automatic back-up functionality.

Question, does it always crap out after 15 min or does the time change? Bitrate and complexity varies throughout the video. If you're hitting action/fast-motion scenes after 15 minutes, then it's quite possible it's dropping out because the CPU can't encode fast enough. Last I remember, Tversity only uses one core for encoding.
400GB is how much anime is on my server. The server itself has 3.2TB of total drive space housing everything from ISO files to my 650GB MP3 collection. It's not always 15 min but seems to be in that area. Black Lagoon and Desert Punk both have action pretty much start to finish so I don't think that's the main issue. I have a dual core 2.0G proc running the machine which I think should be enough. I could always overclock it.

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