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Windows 7 Help

Post by geokilla » Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:37 pm

1. Does anyone know how to force Windows Media Player to play music to all 4 speakers just like it did in Windows XP? As of right now, my music's only coming out from the main speakers. My surround speakers are completely dead. Enabling speaker fill does virtually nothing since all I get from the two surround speakers are low bit-rate, distorted music.

2. Does the formatting and installation take under 30 minutes? When I installed Windows 7 RC last night, the "format" process took only 5 seconds. Then I proceeded to install Windows 7 thinking that it'll do what XP does, format then install. Apparently that's not the case since I was able to log into Windows 7 30 minutes after.

3. I have a 9600GT with the NVIDIA 186.18 drivers installed, yet I got a score of 1.0 for Graphics: Desktop Performance for Windows Aero. I have Aero enabled too, I think.


Edit: Got another BSOD. Third one in two days. Image
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