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Windows Experience Index Is Idiotic

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:29 am
by Major_A
I have a PC I use regularly and at the time I had a HD 5450 in it. Lower power, no noise, etc... Problem was I couldn't play anything much more stressing than Solitaire without it having a conniption. Dug through one of my "box of parts" and found an old 8800 GTS. Decided to throw it in the box so I could play a game here and there on the machine. I reran the Windows Experience Index and realized it's retarded.

Scores (click to enlarge)

So according to Windows the HD 5450 is only slight worse at "gaming graphics performance" than the 8800 GTS? I had to buy the 8800 GTS to play Bioshock (7600 GT wasn't cutting the mustard), I don't see the HD 5450 playing BIoshock at 640x480.