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How to reset an iMac

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:21 am
by unfaithfulsfan
Hopefully some of y'all are more versed in OSX than I. I need to reset an iMac 8,1 to factory so I can ship it out to the buyer. I found a site that said to do this I need to restart and "by the time the gray screen appears" press Command + R then release them when I see the Apple logo. Then I am to select a disk utility, etc., to reinstall the OS.

Problem is I cannot get anything other than the standard login screen no matter when I press CMD+R or when I release them.

I would really like for this boat anchor to go out today but until I can reset the OS, I can't ship it. There are no discs that I know of. The wench of a trustee that bought the damn thing got voted out after one term and any documentation that might have been with the computer at the time of purchase is long gone with her.

It's an iMac8,1, OSX v 10.5.8. Completely stock.

Got a doc appointment in less than an hour so I'll check back when I get home.


Re: How to reset an iMac

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:18 am
by unfaithfulsfan
For once luck is on my side. On a hunch I stopped by Village Hall & there, in the safe, was a box the size of a keyboard with "DO NOT TOUCH!!!" written on it. Opened it up & there sat a packet with the 2 install discs for OS X.

Now if I can just find a box to ship the cursed thing in.