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Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:11 pm
by KnightRid
Ok, well I installed Windows 10 on all the systems here at the house after finding Classic Shell in this article - ... -windows-7 - Makes Windows 10 so much more bearable. now ever since the latest updates my system just freezes up. Windows wont close, nothing will open and I have to do a hard restart. I have no idea why. I went to roll back to windows 7, well lo and behold it found problems and could not roll me back (I hate windows so much) so I went ahead and did a complete wipe and reload. now it took me 3 days to get the updates again due to this rural slow ass internet and it seemed ok until today when it started again.

I installed...

steam (but no games yet)
classic shell
Acronis true image 2015 OEM

That is really it so far. All programs are the newest versions. Oh I installed Malwarebytes but it says none of my lifetime licenses I bought in bulk about 7 years ago are any good even though it worked fine on Windows 7 when they changed to yearly because they are valid paid for keys, so it is not running unless I run it.

Any ideas?

I tried everything online about the power management stuff, registry things, etc before I did the complete wipe and nothing worked at all.

before I start uninstalling things and doing the long drawn out trial and error I figured I would ask here and see if someone a lot smarter than me (doesn't take much) would know anything.

I should have never gone to 10....damn mandatory updates just suck.

I guess i could reinstall Windows 7 as long as upgrading to 10 did not invalidate that license....

UPDATE - I just cloned the Crucial MX100 512GB SSD to a Kingston 120GB to see if it may be the drive due to the power issues I had previously (which seemed to be fixed after I removed the bad fan from the loop).

Re: Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:38 am
by sbohdan
Sorry mate but why did you "upgrade" to win10? Was win7 not working? "don't fix what ain't broken" :)

Re: Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:53 am
by KnightRid
sbohdan wrote:Sorry mate but why did you "upgrade" to win10? Was win7 not working? "don't fix what ain't broken" :)
Everyone I work on computers for was calling me about it and the only way to truly see it and understand it was to install it on my end. Amazing how many people installed it and then had no clue why the did it or how they did it :roll:

I am also starting to think it actually could be the Crucial SSD because I have not had 1 lock up since putting the Kingston in. Wonder if they would do an RMA for a drive that didnt fail-fail (I write my own dictionary) but has hiccups.

Re: Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:32 am
by bubba
It was turned into a "recommended" update from an optional update. If you had auto update on, with "also install recommended updates" you would get up one morning and find yourself starring at the Win 10 greeting screen.

If running Win10 Home there is no way to stop any updates, Pro you can slow it down, but its ALWAYS updating.

The classic shell is most likely what is messing you up. I had to install Win10 for my new system because its the only version M$ was patching to play nice with Skylake. There is nothing wrong with the style once you get used to it. Hell I don't even use the start menu at all outside of pinning stuff to the task bar. Wish M$ would put more color options into office though, I absolutely hate the color scheme for Office 2013 and up. Color blind guy at work loves it, drives me up a friggen wall. ](*,)

My biggest bitch about Win10 on my setup is that the dam thing boots too fast and sometimes (more often that I like) doesn't fully register the internal USB3 card reader I have. And I have to go into the control panel and force it to find itself.

Re: Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:13 am
by KnightRid
It has been running fine with no lock ups since swapping SSD's. I think I will try and clone it back to my Crucial and see what happens.

Bubba - I HATE that stupid looking metro crap. No purpose to it at all on anything but a touchscreen.

I havent used Office in years since i found LibreOffice and OpenOffice :supz:

With your booting problem, I thought there was a way to change the order of devices loading during startup but I am not sure it is still around in Windows 10....

Re: Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:46 pm
by bubba
Win10 defaults to desktop, not the tile screen like Win8 did. It does/can auto switch when it doesn't see a physical keyboard.

Win10 is growing on me. still dumb that some of the control panel stuff is hard to get to than before... growing pains of making a universal UI I guess.

Open office is meh for doc's, WP Office is better, but still no good alternative to Outlook for email yet.

Re: Windows 10 problems with locking up

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:49 pm
by Velo:Sity
Using Search is a must with Windows 10. :)