Sandra 2011 SP2 (17.50) Released

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Sandra 2011 SP2 (17.50) Released

Post by Apoptosis » Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:52 am

Just got an e-mail from the guys at Sandra and it looks like a new patch is out! Check out the e-mail below for all the details.

Sandra 2011 SP2 (17.50) Released -
We are releasing SP2 for Sandra 2011, version 17.50.

-- SP2 updates --

- Mobile Broadband (WWAN) Benchmark: Now you can benchmark your mobile broadband connection just like with WiFi (WLAN).
- Change: System model name/Mainboard name instead of hostname sent to the Ranker.
- Fix: Spanish translation updated.
- Fix: Sandy Bridge-EP.

-- SP1x updates --

- Fix: Incorrect CPU frequency for Power Management Efficiency (ALU/FPU) benchmark causing Ranker to fail.
- Update: GPGPU/GPCPU Crypt benchmark performance improvements.
- Change: Simplified installer, use "Options" in Sandra to enable/configure features.

-- SP1 updates --

- Fix: Incorrect CPU frequency displayed on Sandy Bridge in Turbo Mode; benchmark scores are not affected. The displayed speed was updated twice.
- Fix: Incorrect CPU frequency displayed on Phenom II/Fusion in Turbo Mode*; IMC and Memory speed were also affected: benchmark scores are not affected. The displayed speed was not updated at all.*
- Improvement: Multi-threaded Memory Bandwidth on Fusion*; score has doubled (~3.3GB/s) though short of what AMD "suggests". No better solution has been found yet.
- Update: Large memory pages support re-added to the Memory Bandwidth, Cache & Memory Bandwidth and Multi-Core Efficiency benchmarks: please use Options to disable "Use Large Memory Pages" to use native memory pages.
- Update: GUI reference list colour-matched to the graphs which finally allows you to identify which result corresponds to which value in the graph.
- External Fix: GPGPU Crypto benchmarks work with the latest 266.xx nVidia drivers even in older Sandra versions.
- Fix: Minor various fixes for Windows 7/2008 R2 SP1 RTM. Again SP1 is *required* for AVX support, and no still no idea whether Vista or XP will also be updated.
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