my computer is too slow to run programs i need help

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Post by sbohdan » Sat Dec 24, 2005 7:07 pm

chotachatri12 wrote:ppl i have downgraded the version of microsoft office from xp to 2003 and now it is less slower than before but the computer is still slow when strarting up and shutting down and i need help. i downloaded a program call memboost pro and it helped a liitle to boost my RAM a little bit but it still slow again. any suggestions on what to do. :lol:
even with win2000 (or even 98 ) you still have to shut down the apps running in the bacground and eating up your resources, slowing down the bootup and shutdown times.
then you should be fine till your next upgrade.
if your rig is connected to the net: you only need an antivir (not norton, cause its a resource killer) and if you don't have a router than a good firewall (zonalarm is fine). all the other apps end even some services of windows running in the background can be killed from starting up.
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i got goood news ppl

Post by chotachatri12 » Thu Jan 05, 2006 7:43 am

i have good news i got paid from my uncle because i wanted to by a laptop from my cousin and i had enough money on the day of christmas and my cousin gave me a brand new toshiba for christmas instead. oh yea its got a wireless card for internet connection...but there is one problem that the internet connection is mad slow...i need suggestions.

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