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itunes, shmytunes

Post by unfaithfulsfan » Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:52 pm

I've been sorta hot and cold when it comes to iTunes. I do not own a single apple product but I seem to keep encountering podcasts, etc., that make itunes a mandatory fact of life. I thought "WTF. I'll just switch everything over to itunes so I don't have to contend with multiple media players". I've come to the sad realization that was a pie-in-the-sky delusion. itunes isn't happy with just one copy of a file, no, it has to make another copy of it. I have 280 GB of audio files on my "music" drive(before we even acknowledge several hundred GB of video files on their own drive). If itunes has its way, I'm guessing I'll have over half a gig, unless I'm just doing something wrong.

I really don't have any trouble with WMP and I guess I can live with having to play the odd file with VLC, foobar, etc.. But is there one media player that's kind of a "one call does it all, Duke of Earl" out there that y'all know of or use regularly? I just want something that is simple to deal with and that can actually help to categorize and organize all my media files without exponentially adding layers of confusion to an already confusing situation.

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