Athlon 64 939 CPUs to launch at Computex

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Athlon 64 939 CPUs to launch at Computex

Post by Apoptosis »

Kinda figured this, but just giving everyone the heads up that the 939's are coming soon to shelf near you. I know a bunch of people were waiting for the 939's due to cost. (should be less, no registered memory costs, and so on)

Now I just hope it isn't a paper launch
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Post by pastorjay »

Paper launch... they almost all are these days. Though I would have to say it is encouraging to hear that the new ATI cards should be hitting shelves this weekend and the platinum version in about 3 weeks. That is pretty close to the actual launch!

Post by Immortal »

Also gotta remember the motherboards dont need to be 6 layers anymore... so much less mobo costs!

IMO, there isnt much point buying stuff now, as PCI-EX is around the corner.... so i would wait a while and get both of them together....
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Post by Genuine »

I just read that the launch was delayed, only one week though. So they are coming beginning of June.
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