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Ancient PC OC'ing

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:49 am
by lordvic
It's still the summer and some of us (including myself) have some time on our hands.
I have a old PC sitting around, just waiting to be trashed...and the idea of overclocking it came into my head.
Here are the specs:
- AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1466Mhz Thoroughbred Socket A(462) 256KB L2 cache Model 8, Stepping 1, Revision B0
- Gigabyte 7ZXE 1.0 motherboard with VIA KT133A Rev.03 Chipset, AGP 4X slot, American Megatrends BIOS, (supports up to 1.5GB of RAM lol)
- 512MB (256 + 256) PC-133 SDRAM CAS3 3.3v. I have a bunch more lying around...somewhere
- Classic...nVidia TNT2 Model 64 rev.15 !!! I can exchange this with my Radeon 9800Pro that's in my closet...finally putting it to use again.

I've done some reading and many say the T-breds are great overclockers. Several motherboards can actually unlock the multiplier, so i want to give it a try with my Gigabtye board with a more to-up-date BIOS. Interesting enough, Gigabyte still have BIOS available for this board on their site.

I read about unlocking the multiplier with a "wire in the socket trick", and..."CPU L bridge trick??" :?

I decide to ask some of you veterans and enthusiasts...and everybody else on this site for any helpful tips and hints on overclocking this old CPU hella. :) :)

EDIT: anyways, I continued and started OC'ing this PC. I uped the RAM to 768MB...found some lying around, Updated the BIOS to the latest one (2003 haha) and started adjusting the FSB in the BIOS. Got it to 1.71GHz (11 x 155) which was stable running Prime95; Bringing the FSB to 160 was unstable. I've Decided to do the CPU pin mod to unlock the multi if my T-bred "B" already doesn't have the "L3 "connected already (some say T-bred "B" were never locked). If it really is already unlocked, I'll try the mobo mod; one thing's for sure: the mobo or the CPU is not allowing the multi/voltages to be changed. :)