Best CPU for Gaming

Discussions about AMD Processors and overclocking. Need help with that new AMD CPU or not sure which one to buy? Like to void your warranty? This is the place for you! Please keep the topic on Processors only!
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Best CPU for Gaming

Post by londonerupnorth »

I have a AMD Phenom II X6 1035T, details below:

Operating speed: 2.6 GHz (up to 3.1 GHz turbo)
Number of cores: 6
Socket: AM3
Bus speed: 4000 MHz HT3

What I want to know is if the following CPU Would be better or worse for Gaming as I'm thinking of upgrading, The CPU I'm look at is:

AMD ADX460WFGMBOX Athlon II X3 460 Triple-Core Processor (3.40 GHz, 1.5MB Cache, Socket AM3, 95W)

Thanks for looking :)
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Re: Best CPU for Gaming

Post by DragonFury »

Stick with the Hex core CPU. They can be overclocked to about 4.2 Ghz, or so quite easily. Possibly even higher, never really pushed them CPU's very hard.
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Re: Best CPU for Gaming

Post by Major_A »

Why would you go to a lower core processor for anything? Besides, you didn't tell us the most important factor. What resolution are you gaming at? If it's 1080P or higher the faster CPU is negligible at that point.

Examples: ... temid=1117 ... temid=1180
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Re: Best CPU for Gaming

Post by redwanhasan »

Phenom X6 is a pretty good processor.
and even if u want to upgrade why going to triple core or something like that?
if u wanna switch, switch to 6300/8300 series!
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