Efix Modchip Bootloader OSx86

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Efix Modchip Bootloader OSx86

Post by jakegub » Wed Oct 22, 2008 3:43 pm


I did a search and didn't see any posts already about the eFix bootloader. you can view the product at http://www.efixusa.net.
Legally it is a hardware boot selector / loader, but practically it is an emulator so you can install an unhacked, unedited version of Mac's OS X. It fully supports updates with no modding required.
The hardware requirements are a little narrow as far as brands and models go, but I was wondering if anyone here had purchased one and wanted to write a full review or even a little mini review here on the boards.

I have a compatible motherboard and perhaps graphics card already, so ostensibly for another $180 I could have one of the fastest Mac Pro's around with the ability to add an upgrade later as support grows.

Also, to have hardware booting of Linux, Windows, and OS X is kind of a dream of mine. I've done the multi-boot thing before, but upgrades and reinstalls always ruined the love for that sort of thing.

Someone with compatible hardware and more time and money than me needs to buy this thing and write a review. Add comments on other uses this thing has if more exist.
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