Swapping Out LEDs to Change Color

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Swapping Out LEDs to Change Color

Post by jedihobbit » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:18 am

As part of the “as yet to be named” build I plan on replacing the blue LEDs that are part of the Zalman ZM850-HP that is in its future. Currently they are the usual “blue” and wish to replace with green.

While I have no issues with de-soldering and soldering, component selection will be. In my limited knowledge I believe I’ve read somewhere that just because it is an LED doesn’t mean they are all the same. Soooo was wondering if there may need to be a resistor or something that will need to be in the circuit? :-k

While on the subject of soldering, as I don’t do that much and no longer have a soldering tool…….which would be better the traditional “iron” or the racing looking “gun”?
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Re: Swapping Out LEDs to Change Color

Post by skier » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:30 am

there are more types of LEDs than you could possibly imagine, they do have tolerances where they *can* work but its better to have an exact specs replacement so you don't simply blow all the LEDs, are they case LEDs throughout the chassis that plug into the motherboard or are they on a molex connector?

for soldering irons, it's all about the tip and comfort, you can use any soldering iron but not just any soldering iron will make the solder come out clean and work easily (the one i have is not pretty, need to grind the tip which is bent to hell -actually, i'm going to do that now, thanks for reminding me)

the ones shaped like a gun (J100 below) has its purposes, but is not for fine work
the more common type like this is more general purpose as it works well under any circumstance, and you have a constant heat control(I have the long type that the iron itself plugs straight into the wall, its a pain if you need a specific temperature(ie, if its too hot it will damage parts) so you have to keep plugging/unplugging it)
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if you have the money get one with adjustable temperature, if not the type ^ is effective and some even have easily interchangeable tips, i'd advise against the big solder gun.
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Re: Swapping Out LEDs to Change Color

Post by durfman » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:23 pm

Im actually looking at doing this myself. I have never tackled a task like this before. I do know there are several different LEDs, im looking at changing case fans from blue leds to red leds.

The site frozencpu i know has several LEDs, though i know there are many other sites that offer some as well. If anyone has a walkthough on this, it might be very helpful to everyone.

Did you ever get around to changing yours to green?

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