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Laing DDC pump repair PCB mod

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:12 am
by wizard1238
After replaced the PCB of DDC 18W, the ampere increased from 1.5A to 1.8A,
the flow rate increased about 20% (using stock top)
The audible noise is also increased, it should be caused by the increased rotation speed :)
The IC leg spacing is only 0.33mm, drag soldering is the only way :roll:
I have accidentally reverse the diode and the most expensive IC burn immediately at connecting the power [-o<
This controller TB6588FG is an all-in-one design, it has built-in overheat and restart protection, only a few external component can get it work, the original laing design is unnecessary complex.
This IC also have built-in speed control, connecting a variable resistor can adjust the rotation speed.
More information can be found in the Toshiba semiconductor website, it has datasheet and official circuit to follow.