Need help with a power supply.

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Need help with a power supply.

Post by redwanhasan » Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:27 am

So I was working with my project today and needed 5V and a very high amount of current ( About 5A) so I thought of using my CX750, while working I have noticed something very disturbing. The Standby power of this power supply is about 2.4V-3.1V, It should be 5V right?

so I have tasted my cheap old value top power supply and found out that value top was providing 5V on its standby rail.

So my question is, is my CX750 down? I understand one possibility is it's standby transformer and the circuitry might be down somewhat, not the transformer but the circuit that provide the standby power.

By the way once its powered up all of its rail provide proper voltages.

So, my questions,

1. Is it down?
2. Can I claim for warranty?
3. Do you think it's safe to use? (judging the facts that USB always on ports get power from standby 5V but lower voltage might not burn it still...)

and a request,

1. anyone have a corsair CX-750, can you do the same test and post result?

I have posted two photos with the measurements.
here is the link

any kind of help will be highly appreciated.
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