Legit Reviews Breaks Into The Top 100 Folding Teams Drawing

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Re: Legit Reviews Breaks Into The Top 100 Folding Teams Drawing

Post by smack323 » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:53 am

vicaphit wrote:What is the point of sending audio through HDMI to the TV when TV speakers usualy sound like crap?

well it does seem pointless- but.. for me its just a matter of plugging in one HDMI cord from my PS3 to my TV and one HDMI cord from my cable box to my tv and one HDMI cord from my DVD player to my tv. it make for much less of a rats nest. I also can get sound on my tv when i am not useing the receiver(nice feature) also it just takes one HDMI cord from my TV to the receiver to loop the sound to the surround sound from each input device..

I guess it depends on the TV. My TV speakers actully give a pretty good faux surround sound -when hooked up via HDMI.

or as martini said most receivers take HDMI also. so you can plug all you devices into that and have one output to your TV. Say you dont have 3 HDMI inputs on your TV this would be a better option for you.
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