March 2007 Drawing - 3 2GB Super Talent DDR2 800MHz Kits

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Post by tomato » Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:28 am

Nice pics, everyone ;) I hope that they serve you all well 8)
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Re: March 2007 Drawing - 3 2GB Super Talent DDR2 800MHz Kits

Post by stereo55 » Sat Jul 14, 2007 11:01 am

Ok peeps , I know this is a VERY late reply to this thread but I just wanted to mention how this memory (my prize) is doing in my C2D system on a MSI P6N SLI-FI . I did go out and grab another set of the same memory for 1X4gig total .

Part of the delay on this was mainly due to waiting for a better (updated) oc'ing bios for my board . As it stands now Iam at 940 cas4 (4-4-4-8) 2.1v , which is pretty good with four sticks installed . I know the mem can go abit higher , but there are still a few problems/bugs with the bios (beta 2.4) and the mem dividers . I did get to 965 at 2.2v , but my boards divider(s) did no like it there and there were too many divider holes past that . Have not tried in cas5 , but I dont want to go that route .

Iam pretty sure these chips are no longer D9's (prodution dates are : week 9/07 and week 11/07) , but as it stands right now Iam pretty happy with the results . Seems this mem can definitly compete with the more popular/big name brands .

As the bios revisions improve for my board , I'll keep pushing things a litte further till the memory cries "uncle" , lol .

Again , thanks LR for my XINT contest pricze , and thought you'd be happy to know the prize is more than appreciated and being put to VERY VERY good use . 8) O:) :supz: :partyman:
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