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SSDs and Dual Booting

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 10:57 am
by Kaos Kid
Since the price of SSDs are coming down a little bit I was wondering...for the best performance, convenience, and price a dual boot Win7/Win8 configuration is there any advantage in having each O/S installed on it's own 120/128GB SSD over a single 240/256GB SSD that is formatted into two partitions with Win7 and Win8 installed on the first and second partitions (respectively)? I'd like to try a Silicon Power SSD drive I see on the Egg for $50 for the 128GB and $90 for the 256GB, so I would either buy two of the 128GBs or one of the 256GB drives. As always, thanks for your wisdom...

Re: SSDs and Dual Booting

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:25 am
by KnightRid
Yes. Partitions are worthless if you have a drive failure. I know the linux community loves partitions (although I still don't understand why in this day and age) but I just think they are worthless.

Sure you can do a clean reinstall of an OS without removing the programs or data but you will still have to reinstall every single program you use so windows knows where it is.

2 drives means if one fails, you can still access the other until you RMA or get a replacement.

Partitions never seemed logical to me unless the OS could automatically find all the information and reinstall/reconnect to all the programs that are on the other partitions when you do an OS reinstall.