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How much abuse can an SSD and memory take?

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:04 pm
by Kaos Kid
I ordered a couple of Samsung EVO 850 SSDs and a couple of memory sticks in a 2x combo deal. Newegg shipped immediately (from Indy to St Louis), and even with SuperSaver shipping it got here in about a day and a half! HOWEVER when I look at the box the order shipped in it did have a crumpled corner, and when I opened it everything was just rattling around loosely--there was a roll of bubble packing (large air chambers, not small bubbles), which half of wasn't even inflated and was also just loose in the box, not wrapped around the SSDs and memory. Do I have anything to worry about shock-wise? There is no visible damage on the SSD boxes nor the memory pkgs. I would really worry if they were spin drives, but since they are SSDs how much shock can they take in handling before they are affected negatively? I had an OCZ memory stick with fancy heat spreaders, and all it took was to drop it from table height to kill it, the shock of 3ft impact was fatal. Will I have anything to worry about with the SSDs and the memory sticks since they were in their own boxes and plastic shell inside of another box, albeit without proper packing fill? Thanks as always for your input...

Re: How much abuse can an SSD and memory take?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:33 am
by KnightRid
I hate Newegg packing! They are one of the companies I laugh at because they will pack the box and then put bubble wrap or the bag stuff on top of thousands of dollars worth of tech! Some things they used to wrap completely in bubble wrap and tape shut which worked great. I dunno, maybe it depends on who is packing that day.

I have had this with a lot of companies to be fair. I guess they just dont pay the people enough to care how they pack or else the people packing are just too lazy (or stupid) to do it properly.

You should be fine with what you got there but I would test everything to make sure and RMA the stuff if it doesnt work QUICKLY so you dont miss that window of opportunity (or Newegg sides with the manufacturer and says you caused the damage even though you did not *cough* *cough* )!!

Re: How much abuse can an SSD and memory take?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:57 am
by bubba
I've spent close to $20k with Newegg so far this year. The worst packing is the stuff that comes out of the Industry California. Memphis is the best that I have seen. New Jersey, think it depends on who is packing the stuff as it varies.

Take my last order. It came out of Memphis, all in one box was 4 motherboards, 4 PSUs, 4 boxed CPUs, 4 sets of RAM all bundled together and wrapped in bubble wrap, and 4 traditional drives, each in a bubble sleeve in its own box.

Now, order before that, come out of Edison New Jersey. Couple card readers and paid of WD Blue drives. The drives were in just a bubble sleeve, card readers in there retail box, then the rest of the shipping box was that big bubble pillow packing.

ANY drive I order from ANY vendor first thing I do is slap it in my external dock and run a drive test on it.

Re: How much abuse can an SSD and memory take?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:21 am
by Kaos Kid
This is the first time I ever got anything shipped from their Indianapolis location, by far the worst packaging I've ever received from Newegg. I did take a pic of the crumpled corner and a vid of me unpacking the box so they can see exactly how I received it with things loose in the box. NOTHING was wrapped in the bubble wrap, it was just laid on top and even then not enough to fill the empty space. I knew the second I took it from the UPS guy that it was packed poorly.

I don't have a drive dock but I have some SATA slots available so I'll test them both before I clone them (will be an SSD to SSD clone so hopefully will go fast).

Thanks for your input guys!