Supposedly leaked Entire Kepler Series Specs

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Supposedly leaked Entire Kepler Series Specs

Post by Sttm » Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:05 pm

From ... ate-43823/.

Model Code NameDie Size Core Clock Shader Clock Cores SM Count ROPs Memory Clock (effective) Bus Width Memory Bus Width
GTX690 GK110x2 550mm2 TBD~750MHz TBD~1.5GHZ 2x1024 2x32 2x56 4.5 GHz GDDR5 2x448bit 2x252GB/s
GTX680 GK110 550mm2 TBD~850MHz TBD~1.7GHZ 1024 32 64 5.5 GHz GDDR5 512bit 352GB/s
GTX670 GK110 550mm2 TBD~850MHz TBD~1.7GHZ 896 28 56 5 GHz GDDR5 448bit 280GB/s
GTX660Ti GK110 550mm2 TBD~850MHz TBD~1.7GHZ 768 24 48 5 GHz GDDR5 384bit 240GB/s
GTX660 GK104 290mm2 TBD~900MHz TBD~1.8GHZ 512 16 32 5.8 GHz GDDR5 256bit 186GB/s
GTX650Ti GK104 290mm2 TBD~850MHz TBD~1.7GHZ 448 14 28 5.5 GHz GDDR5 224bit 154GB/s
GTX650 GK106 155mm2 TBD~900MHz TBD~1.8GHZ 256 8 24 5.5 GHz GDDR5 192bit 132GB/s
GTX640 GK106 155mm2 TBD~850MHz TBD~1.7GHZ 192 6 16 5.5 GHz GDDR5 128bit 88GB/s

Performance Scale

GTX690 PCIe3.0x16 2x1.75GB 2x6.4B 999$ Q3 2012
GTX680 PCIe3.0x16 2GB 6.4B 649$ Apr-12 ~45%>HD7970
GTX670 PCIe3.0x16 1.75GB 6.4B 499$ Apr-12 ~20%>HD7970
GTX660Ti PCIe3.0x16 1.5GB 6.4B 399$ Q2/Q3 2012~10%>HD7950
GTX660 PCIe3.0x16 2GB 3.4B 319$ Apr-12 ~GTX580
GTX650Ti PCIe3.0x16 1.75GB 3.4B 249$ Q2/Q3 2012~GTX570
GTX650 PCIe3.0x16 1.5GB 1.8B 179$ May-12 ~GTX560
GTX640 PCIe3.0x16 2GB 1.8B 139$ May-12 ~GTX550Ti

If this is real it would be quite awesome. 1024 cores at $650, single gpu gtx 580 sli performance potentially. It would also force AMD to drop down the cost of the 7950 to about $330-350, and the 7970 to ~$425. I'd rather see Nvidia keep the top end single gpu at the $500 price, but if that core count increase is real its hard to argue that going form 512 to 896 at $500 is a rip off. Mind you the 480 to 580 was only an increase of 32 cores.
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Re: Supposedly leaked Entire Kepler Series Specs

Post by Apoptosis » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:03 pm

hum... thanks for the heads up... Not sure who runs that site, but been seeing them a bunch lately with crazy leak stories. Some way off, some right on.
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