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M-ROCK Camera Bags Going Out of Business with 40% Rebate

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:55 pm
by Digital Puppy
After almost 20 years in business, M-Rock Camera Bags are going out of business. We love M-Rock gear and even featured a review back in 2009 on one of their most popular backpacks. M-Rock has several different styles and price ranges for the complete novice photographer to the well-traveled pro. Since announcing the closure, CEO Michael Rockwell told us that he will refund 40% of the purchase price on merchandise this week only. We are extremely sorry to see M-Rock go, but appreciate what the company is doing by giving consumers a price break. Go ahead and take a look while inventory is still high!

M-ROCK is primarily a maker of a line of camera bags. The line extends from very small bags for things like phones and music devices to their new combination laptop and full DSLR kit backpacks, with many intermediate sized bags between. There are several styles and many sizes of bags to fit the needs of almost any photographer. All of the M-ROCK bags (beyond the very smallest sacks) are made of durable padded nylon materials with soft non-scratch interiors, have combinations of hook and loop, zippers, and buckle closures and feature multiple carrying options such as hand-held, belt attached, and shoulder straps.
Dear M-ROCK fans After 18 years of fighting against overwhelming odds the obstacles have become too much for a one man show to overcome and I am finally shutting doors. Over the next couple of months I will offer you some great deals until all the bags are gone. We are also selling the bags to our dealers so please don't wait if you want one. Our check out does not have a coupon box so we offer instant rebates instead. As soon as you place your order at please email your Paypal confirmation to [email protected] requesting the rebate and I promise to refund 40% the same or next business day.
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Re: M-ROCK Camera Bags Going Out of Business with 40% Rebate

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:01 am
by KnightRid
I would love to have the 6070 Zion but at 40% off is it close to the pricing of others except, going out of business, paying full price and I will send you 40% back in a rebate just do not instill confidence in purchasing.

I guess I will wait to see if the price drops up front.

Re: M-ROCK Camera Bags Going Out of Business with 40% Rebate

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:38 am
by Apoptosis
paypal will protect you on that one.

Re: M-ROCK Camera Bags Going Out of Business with 40% Rebate

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:20 am
by KnightRid
True, so maybe if they lower their price to the same price everyone else is selling it for ($120) and then offer the 40%, I might be very very tempted. Still would rather see a 40% up front savings rather than the rebate stuff.

Is a nice looking bag though.....I carry 2 separate bags for dslr and camcorder, tripod by hand, laptop in a third bag. LOL I dont go away much but it is a pain.