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What are current Asus whitebook models?

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:30 pm
by shug33
In 2005 I built an Asus Z63a, and have been quite happy with it. Now I would like to build a newer, hotter, and preferably lighter whitebook, and am having a problem finding what model to buy.

The only whitebooks listed on the Asus web site ( [global or north america]) are the Z62J (14.1") and the Z35F (13.3"). When I searched for internet suppliers, I found that these models are rarely offered: the implication is that they may be discontinued. I do find for sale various versions of the S37S (13.3", Intel chipset PM965 + ICH-8M, nVidia NB8M-SE graphics, 800 MHz FSB, SATA-II HDD), approx. $620 - $650; and the S62E (14.1", Intel chipset 965, apparently integrated graphics Intel GMA X3100, quoted RAM [email protected]/667 (??), SATA HDD), approx. $450. These are both Core 2 Duo machines, definitely hotter than the Z63a.

Can I assume that these are the current whitebook models? Who knows?? The Asus web site does not list these models in any way, shape, or form, and searches of their sites for these model numbers come up empty. The only specs I can find are the somewhat incomplete ones on some dealers' listings. Some dealers have no specs at all!

Can anyone help me out here? The question being, are the S37S and S62E the current models. And, does anyone have some real specs on them. There are some real problems in deciding what processor and RAM to buy! For instance, from studying the dealer specs I can guess that the S37S takes the P socket processors and probably 800 MHz FSB SODIMM RAM; while the S62E cpu socket is anybody's guess, and the RAM may be limited to that for a 667 MHz FSB.

I am inclined toward the S37S, mainly because it weighs only 1.95 kg vs. 5.5 lbs for the S62E.

Advice of any kind would also be appreciated, including should I look at some other brand.