Android mobile phone - Google calendar problem

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Android mobile phone - Google calendar problem

Post by tjrundy » Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:22 am


I'm running android 1.6 on a DSTL1 phone.

I have a real problem that none of my google calendars are showing up
on the calendar program. When I go to 'my calendars' an click on add,
there's nothing in the list for me to add to 'default' which appears
to be the non-synced local calendar. I have 4 calendars that I need to
sync. I tried making a new one to see if that made any difference - it

I've tried clearing the calendar data and rebooting as per several
forum suggestions. I'm at a blank otherwise - is there some setting in
gcal that I'm missing - it's like none of the calendars are being
synced with the phone. The sync tick is ticked in the 'data sync'
settings screen... ... neCalendar


Thanks in advance


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