ASUS Z71V Temperature Monitoring Utilities & Programs

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ASUS Z71V Temperature Monitoring Utilities & Programs

Post by Apoptosis » Sat Sep 10, 2005 3:34 pm

I have been playing around on the ASUS Z71V the past couple of days monitoring the temperatures and have finally made some progress.

Since you can't monitor the temperatures with the utilities that come with the notebook you have to download software to see them. Below is a list of the software that can monitor the temperatures on the ASUS Z71V and Z71A notebooks.

Free ASUS Z71 Temperature Monitoring Utilities:

Centrino Hardware Control 1.9 Beta 02
- Note you must have Microsoft's .NET Version 1.1 Framework installed for this to work.

Everest 2.2
- Click "Computer" then "Sensor" to see temperatures

SpeedFan 4.25
- Note you must run Everest before SpeedFan to detect all the temperature sensors

Mobile Meter
- Very Basic & Only Shows CPU and HDD temps

Personally I have found SpeedFan 4.25 to be the best temperature monitor on the ASUS Z71 notebook series as it shows all the temperature and fan details.

What everything means on SpeedFan 4.25:
CPU - Processor Temperature
Local - Motherboard Temperature
Remote 2 - Video Card Temperature
HD0 - Hard Drive Temperature
Temp 1 - Either Case Temp or Northbridge

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Post by infinitevalence » Sat Sep 10, 2005 4:45 pm

I use Centrenio Hardware Control on my Asus Z63A and love it, the .net does suck a little but the program is well worth it.
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