need a new laptop soon w/ powerful processor and graphics...

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need a new laptop soon w/ powerful processor and graphics...

Post by BrightSide » Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:36 am

I just posted today about what laptop cooler to get, but that got me thinking... I need a new laptop pretty soon too.

I don't want any smaller than a 17" screen, and I will need one that will run the Adobe Creative suite (I use cs5, but will upgrade soon) Specifically I need one powerful enough to run PremierPro without completely taxing the processor.

I do a lot of gaming (starcraft2, skyrim, etc...) as well, so I'm also looking for a good graphics card that can support at least 2 monitors.

Why not just build a PC? I travel a lot, and I want something that can go anywhere with me.


As a side note, I will need something that I can carry it in which offers a lot of protection and space to double as a carry-on for additional 'stuff' ... like the laptop cooler, a mouse, keyboard, etc.

Anyone have one of the Rosewill laptop backpacks? I've seen some good reviews on them and just looking for another opinion from someone who may have actually purchased one. (I'm looking to get one of those because they seem like a good price)

pros an cons of laptops would be great, and especially from ppl who own them already.


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Re: need a new laptop soon w/ powerful processor and graphic

Post by sgkean » Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:06 pm

Do you use the laptop on the go (coffee shops/on the road) or just need portability to take it from one office to another, hotel use? Could look into an ITX system with a PCI-E video card, and a small portable USB type monitor. I have a Lenovo USB monitor that I use when I'm on the road, it's a 17" one and comes with a little cover.

But for one to do good gaming on it, I personally don't have much experience with it. A guy I work with has a 4 year old alienware and plays StarCraft 2 and Skyrim on it. Unless you're looking for one to play Crysis 3 at high resolution, COD Ghosts, etc. I'd look at the names people trust...ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Flacon NW, IBuyPower, etc.

I've taken a Lenovo W530 on trips to do gaming and had success, as long as I take into account the GPU and the game settings...

For bags, a lot will come to personal preference...I've always used Targus, Codi, and MobileEdge bags. My son, used a Targus 17" laptop backpack for school from 8th until 12th. Bag still works great, sadly a dog got ahold of one of the straps...I have a Codi backpack that has gone on MANY trips with me for the past six years, still looks pretty new. I can't speak on the Rosewill bags as I have no experience with them. The ones I mentioned are extremely durable from personal experience, and ones that many of the large corporations go for. I got caught in a major rainstorm one time and my codi bag kept my laptop and contents dry even though I was soaked...

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