hi pplz

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hi pplz

Post by kurahk7 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:45 pm

hi guys,
i found this forum by reading almost every single review that legitreviews has done since i 1st read it about 2 years back

here is the system i built:
amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ (no overclock)
sapphire ati radeon hd 4650 (no overclock)
gigabyte ga-ma78gm-us2h
3gb samsung ddr2 pc-5300
diablotek 450 watt psu
toshiba dvd supermulti drive
old hp case
seagate 80gb ide 5400rpm
seagate 500gb baracuda 7200rpm sata
running windows 7 x64 rtm

im good with either intel or amd whichever has the better price/performance, currently leaning toward the athlon II x4 620 as a upgrade option

im into mostly fps games

i am a overclocker whenever i feel the need to
Intel Core i5 750
ASUS nVidia GeForce 9800gt Glaciator Fansink
Msi P55-GD55
4GB OCZ Plantium PC3-10666 (7-7-7-20 2t)
OCZ ModXStream 700 Watt Semi-Modular
Toshiba DVD Spermulti Drive SATA 2
Antec 900
Hitachi 1TB 32mb 7200RPM SATA2
Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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