Now that you have found our forums and become a member take a second to introduce yourself to others and get to know us!
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Post by pcwolff » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:31 pm

Well, I haven't started being too active on this site yet, but I figured I should at least introduce myself now. I'm a college student at the moment majoring in Computer Science. Computers have been my passion for a few years now and I've built a few of my own. I hang out on the gamespot computer hardware forum a lot and like to give advice when I can...hopefully I can do some of that here as well :)

Figure I'll go ahead and answer these questions as well:
- How did you find the forums? Contest was going on to design your own 5870 that I found out through...facebook I think? After checking out the site a bit more found it was quite nice
- What system are you running? At the moment I'm running a system with an AMD Phenom II 955, 4GB of Corsair RAM @ 1600mhz, ASUS Crosshair III mobo, ATI HD4890 GPU, and a Corsair 850W PSU...all housed inside a very slick looking Lian-Li P50 case.
- Are you an Intel or AMD Fan Boy/Girl? At the moment I would definitely consider myself to be an AMD fanboy, mostly because you can't beat their "bang for the buck" right now with their Phenom II series
- What type of gaming are you into? A bit of everything really...I love FPS, RTS, MMOs (EVE online, WoW and Warhammer Online all at some point), and am starting to get into RPGs with Mass Effect.
- Are you an overclocker? Not at the moment, my Phenom II really needs some overclocking love, but I think I need to re-seat the cooler since my temps are a little high.

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