Hey everyone!

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Legit Little One
Legit Little One
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Hey everyone!

Post by Pancakez » Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:59 pm

I discovered this site because i was looking for a good review on a EVGA GTX 460 and i dont think i could have found a better one anywhere! Now i am compelled to make an account here and visit for any questions i have about computer parts. My only concern at the moment is my cooling from my pc if i do decide to get a EVGA GTX 460 OC. I heard from a couple of friends that even a factory OC card will run very hot and can fry without proper ventilation. I have a Ultra X-Blaster Mid case, 2 Ultra performance 120mm fans (1 on the backside blowing out air and one on the front side sucking air in) and a Cooler Master Hyper N520 cpu cooler. I know the cpu cooler is irrelevant to a graphics card but from the design of it I think it might help a little bit. Please feel free to help out and say anything that is on your mind. I am new to computer building and i can take harshness for my nubness. :)

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Re: Hey everyone!

Post by INeedAFnSuffix » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:44 am

You could use some help from Instructables.com
My favourite spot whether i am making awesome home made fries or putting my arduino ( an popular microcontroller ) into some use .
I completely detached the stock cooler from my 5670 , and replaced it with my custom cut gpu cooler , 2 slot radiator , powerful brushed ( for performance sake ) 20000 rpm 6v motor fan , running on the 12V line (i took out a dvd / hdd molex connector for it) .
And also , a 5400 rpm HDD brushless motor fan running externally with my arduino controlling it over PWM ( power-width modulation ) .
All these are just tech-speak . But the grand total size of my gpu is triple slot , putting it close to the Ares :snakeman:
But yet i haven't sent it above 38C during mid-load and only having the brushless fan running (mid-power) :lol:
I control the brushed fan using a pot , and a small circuit , to ensure proper stable performance .
Actually , AMD should have incorporated a smaller circuit on their cards to PWM their fans .
Just to mention my 5670 is at 900Mhz , much higher then the 775 base .
And i use a 890GX Mobo .

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