technical questions about BTB and WTW for HTPC(ati) users

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technical questions about BTB and WTW for HTPC(ati) users

Post by THX-UltraII » Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:20 am

Been busy the 'BTB/WTW' thing for HTPC users for some time now. I still don t understand how to config my system properly.

Here s some information:

- I only play standard def. and HD1080p video content (dvd, blu-ray, m2ts, wmv, mkv, mpeg, mov)
- I own a JVC RS20 projector that has a 'HDMI range' option that can be set to 'Standard' or 'Enhanced' (set it to standard)
*video card:- My HTPC has a ATI 5670 card and I use the original HDMI output of the card. I have the latest cat. beta 10.3 installed and the Realtek HDMI 2.42 audio driver.
- I have set the ati CCC Pixel Format on 'RGB limited'**
*mpc-hc:- I use the latest MPC-HC with EVR custom as renderer
- In the renderer settings in MPC-HC the 'Output Range' is checked at 0-255 (default)
*ffdshow:- use ffdshow video for all my content
- configured ffdshow as RGB32HQ output
- checked the box 'select closest matching colorspace' in ffdshow (default)
- changed the input levels in ffdshow from 'Standard (Y: 16-235, CbCr: 16-240)' to 'Auto'
- Output levels is set to 'Computer monitor (RGB 0 - 255)' (default)

**I used to have it on 'RGB Full' and my projector on 'Enhanced' with my ATI 4xxx card, but the new 5xxx-serie seems to have a problem with the 'RGB full' Pixel Format (not sure about this, maybe someone can confirm?)

All in all there are a LOT of settings that can be changed and I really don t know how to configure everything correcly since there are so many different settings that might have influence on showing the correct blacks and whites.

Hoping for some tips and input.

Cheers and thanks!

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