Problem with DVi output

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Legit Little One
Legit Little One
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Problem with DVi output

Post by fouding » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:30 am

Hi all

PC Windows7. Graphic card PCIe ATI Radeon HD 2400XT.
First output (SVGA) connected to a standard 12" monitor, Second output (DVI) connected to a LCD TV 32". Same resolution, clone mode (I want the same desktop on the 2 screens). Last drivers, last CCC installed "Force TV Detect" option enable.


Usually, the PC start with 32" off. If After PC started, if I want to use the 32", I turn it "on" but it stays in black screen.

The only way to make the 32'' works is to start the PC with the 32" screen at "on", or if not, to disconnect and then connect the DVi cable (P&P seems to works well).

That's not what I want.... I want to use the 32'' when I need it, without restart PC, disconnect cable or stay monitors at ON everytime ....

It was working well with the same hardware (PC, card & Monitors) and Windows XP ....

Thanks for your help : it is important for me.

Legit Little One
Legit Little One
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Re: Problem with DVi output

Post by kgoncher » Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:57 pm

Not sure about using the D-sub and DVI connection, but I use DVI for my moitor and Svideo for the TV and Projector.
I had to make sure the Svideo projector/TV was connected and on before waking up the Media-Computer.
The worst case was when the monitor was disconected and i switch the Svideo from TV to Projector and I only got 512 by 29Hz of the TV and not 800x600 by 60Hz of the Projector.
The auto detect just can't get it right if it doesn't see it when it starts or wakes up.
I'm up grading to 5670 from 3870 so can't test to see if the new CCC does any better.
Hope that helps.
Shutle X38 / E8500 / 8GB-1066 / 5TB Raid / LG-BR / ATI 5750 / SSM26LCD /WIN7

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