AMD Releases First ATI Catalyst Application Profile

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AMD Releases First ATI Catalyst Application Profile

Post by Apoptosis » Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:50 am

AMD released their very first ATI Catalyst Application Profile yesterday, but did so by silently giving Rage3D the exclusive. We just noticed this announcement this morning and have brought it to you as well! You can download the very first Catalyst Application Profile from our LR servers right here - ... ofiles.exe
This is fresh off the press and below is a list of what will improve when a user installs the profile.

* Heaven – Crossfire profile
* Dark Void – Crossfire profile
* Singularity – Crossfire profile
* Unigine Heaven Demo – Crossfire profile
* Just Cause 2 -> Single GPU and Crossfire profile
* Battlefield Bad Company 2 -> Crossfire profile
* AvP -> Single GPU and Crossfire profile

Install the profile update and enjoy the latest performance profiles for all your favorite games. This profile update will be available for public download from on Monday.
It should be noted that some people are getting flickering issues in Battlefield Bad Company 2 with these profiles... To get the best performance you should download Catalyst 10.3a drivers and this application profile.
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