PR: HIS introduces HIS Excalibur 9550 256MB/128MB

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PR: HIS introduces HIS Excalibur 9550 256MB/128MB

Post by Apoptosis » Wed May 19, 2004 8:53 am

It didn't take long for companies to jump on the ATI 9550 band wagon!
HIS introduces HIS Excalibur 9550 256MB/128MB iFan VIVO Edition, the next generation graphic solution in the industry.
(Hong Kong) - May 2004

The HIS Excalibur 9550 VIVO Edition provides an advanced video capture functionalities that enable novice users to capture, edit, and output high quality videos through a standard PC. Furthermore, with VIVO Edition's rich video editing feature, the HIS Excalibur 9550 VIVO Edition gives users the flexibility and creative room to edit home videos like a professional.
The product comes with 256MB or 128MB graphic memory and HIS iFan. The HIS iFan's superior cooling technology overcomes the weakness of traditional cooling fans by substantially reducing heat for more than 20% and keeping noise rate under 22db.

Inspiring Cinematic Quality
The HIS Excalibur 9550 VIVO Edition is based on ATI's newly introduced RADEON™ 9550 visual processing unit (VPU). The RADEON™ 9550 provides real Microsoft's DirectX® 9 power to the mainstream and at the same time allows 3D gamers to experience the beauty of next generation graphics. With balanced precision, the RADEON™ 9550 will produce realistic and dynamic lighting, soft shadow effects, DX9 shaders, and bump mapping all at new levels of imag quality and performance. Experience unparalleled 3D visual realism with the latest advances in ATI engineering. SMOOTHVISION™ 2.1 offers the sharpest, clearest picture quality with enhanced anti-aliasing that smoothes jagged edges, and anisotropic filtering that sharpens blurry textures to bring out finer image details. SMARTSHADER™ 2.0 features programmable vertex and pixel shaders that deliver hyper-realistic, cinematic imagery to all audiences.

For more information about HIS performance-leading graphics, please go to

Pictures: ... 07_700.jpg ... 18_1k6.jpg

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Post by Fantasma » Thu May 20, 2004 4:43 pm

ATI and all its partners has done a good job releasing this card, they have created a card between the 9600se and the 9600pro in the same price range than a 9200se or 9600se :D

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