AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta is now available

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AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta is now available

Post by Apoptosis » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:44 am

AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta is now available
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Feature Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 12.9 Beta: AMD Catalyst Mobility support for AMD Enduro™ Technology

AMD Catalyst Mobility now includes support for AMD Enduro™ Technology.

AMD Enduro™ Technology for Notebooks delivers:

· Unbeatable battery life

· GPU accelerated performance for gaming, video, and compute apps

· A Seamless and automatic experience

New Enduro™ Technology features found in Catalyst 12.9 Beta:

Re-designed Catalyst Control Center user interface
View all profiled applications
View recently run applications
Profile applications based on power source
Expert mode control and customization
Performance centric AC
Battery centric DC

Description: cid:[email protected]

Performance highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 12.9 Beta (versus AMD Catalyst 12.8)

Up to 10% in Lost Planet 2 in single GPU configurations

AMD’s latest Catalyst™ Application Profile: AMD Catalyst 12.9 CAP1 (to be used with AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta)

Find the latest available AMD Catalyst CAP here : ... files.aspx

· World of Warcraft - Mist of Pandaria (DX11, DX9): Fixes texture flickering observed when enabling high graphics settings with CrossFire enabled

· World of Warcraft - Mist of Pandaria (DX9): Resolve corruption when enabling Anti-Aliasing through the Catalyst Control Center

· World of Warcraft - (DX9): Resolves performance issues observed with the 64-bit variant of the client

· Tribes Ascend: Improves CrossFire performance

· F1 2012: Improves CrossFire performance, resolves texture flickering in reflections

Resolved issue highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 12.9 Beta driver

Tri and Quad CrossFire + Eyefinity configurations – Users will no longer see lower than expected performance in certain DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications
FireFox – corruption is no longer observed on CrossFire configurations
Enabling Overdrive settings no longer increases clocks in all power states
AMD Video Converter support is available in AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Windows 7 and Windows Vista packages

Feature Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 12.9 Beta Linux Driver: New OS Support

This release of AMD Catalyst™ Linux introduces support for the following new operating systems

Ubuntu 12.10 early look support
RHEL 6.3 production support
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