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AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta Video Card Driver Released

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:21 pm
by Apoptosis
AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta Video Card Driver Released

Windows Catalyst Package: ... river.aspx
Linux Catalyst Package: ... river.aspx
Highlights of the Windows AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta release:

· Support for CrossFire Frame Pacing
o Frame Pacing ensures that frames rendered across multiple GPUs in a CrossFire configuration will be displayed at an even and regular pace
o Enabled through the AMD Catalyst Control Center; Globally or on a per application basis
o Supported for DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications and resolutions up and including 2560x1600 (single display)
· OpenGL 4.3 support – full support for the OpenGL 4.3 feature set
· Performance improvements found in AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta:
o Metro Last Light – Improves performance up to 7% on the AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series
· OpenGL support for User Profiles and Catalyst Application Profiles:
o Users can now create per application 3D setting profiles for OpenGL applications
o OpenGL applications are now supported through Catalyst Application Profile updates (for single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations)
· AMD Enduro Technology enhancement – The AMD Catalyst Control Center now shows which applications are active on the Performance GPU and the Power saving GPU

Highlights of the Linux AMD Catalyst™ 13.8 Beta release:

This release of AMD Catalyst™ Linux introduces support for the following new features:
· OpenGL 4.3 – full support for the OpenGL 4.3 feature set
· SLED11 SP3 support
· PowerXpress A+I support with Intel Haswell on SLED11 SP3
· Dynamic primary surface resizing
· Kernel 3.10 support

Resolved Issue highlights:

· Enduro Technology on AMD + AMD Ubuntu platforms - Source Engine games hang when running on the High Performance ASIC
· Maya 2011-2013 – Various visual corruptions issues have been resolved
· Maya 2011-2013 – Mesh/Polygons selection performance has been improved
· Unigine Heaven – Intermittent Crashes have been resolved
· Unigine Heaven – Performance has been improved up to 11% on single GPU configurations
· Left 4 Dead 2 – Visual corruption issues have been resolved
· Visual artifacts are no longer seen with XvBA playback and CABAC=No
· “Testing use Only” watermark has been removed