PS3 Uncharted 2 multiplayer Demo thoughts

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PS3 Uncharted 2 multiplayer Demo thoughts

Post by KnightRid » Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:31 am

Well if anyone has played this, I am curious as to your thoughts, mine are below.

It sucks! now let me explain. Why in the world do people flock to gameplay that is just running around trying to shoot a person before they shoot you? There is no strategy, nothing. You HAVE to run into place guns blazing and hope and pray you get them before they get you. A monkey could do this. Then of course you have leveling up which makes the game even more difficult for any new person wanting to check it out. Lets add the best items to our slots, then just go kill level 1 people to piss them off - YAY, I am so cool :ANAL: . Really, why have level 42 players even in the same game with people under level 10? I stood and fired an entire clip into a persons back, reloaded as they were turning around and continued firing at them. They fired 3 shots and killed me - SOOO much fun. I read the things Naughty Dog posted about being able to climb to higher advantage points, etc, but what they dont tell you is that it is mostly USELESS to even try to do this since everyone else is going for the treasure, capture points, etc while you are sitting up high just hoping to see someone to shoot. I just dont get it. How can this be fun? I think the original Uncharted gameplay was fantastic and I am hoping this 2nd one will be the same, just remove the multiplayer crap and just let it be co-op. At least in co-op you can have some strategy to accomplish goals!

Ok, now for your thoughts. :)


Oh and I hate games like Halo also - run and shoot, thats damn exciting for me :p
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