Has anyone repaired a RROD Xbox 360?

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Has anyone repaired a RROD Xbox 360?

Post by Sttm » Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:24 pm

My console of 5 years went kaput a couple weeks back and at the time I just checked the cost of RMA, $150!, and said screw it. But then I saw that news post on here today about the Xbox 360 fan from thermalright. I googled that and amazon has a sales link for $50, but they also have a dozen cheaper "RROD repair kits" selling from $5 -$20.

I think I am capable of doing it after several PC builds and even installing zalman aftermarket gpu coolers way back in the Nvidia 8000 series era.

Has anyone done a home repair? I'd just like to know if you used a kit and any problems you ran into, like specialty tools needed or tricky glue removal?
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Re: Has anyone repaired a RROD Xbox 360?

Post by DragonFury » Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:38 pm

your best bet is to take the xcrack out and shoot it. there are so many causes for rrod it is not even funny, while some can be fixed (ie over heating) others are pointless. the thermal right heatsink I think is geard for the slim version, if you have pc experience I suggest you tear the xbox apart, remove the heatsinks, lap them and then replace the thermal paste, also may wanna throw on a fan on top of the heatsinks to help aide in cooling.
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