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Xbox ONE Officially Announced

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 12:19 pm
by sgkean
Microsoft did a good reveal on the Xbox ONE. Really only two things missing, an accurate release date rather than "Later this year", and the price...

Anybody watch the livestream? What'd you think?

AMD 8-Core Jaguar CPU
8GB DDR3 Memory
500GB hard drive
HDMI In and Out
USB 3.0
Three wifi antenna's, also utilizing WiFi direct for Xbox hardware communication (BOOOOO)
4K video and 7.1 Audio

Games will be ripped to the hard drive automatically, barely nothing played off the optical.

15 exclusive games at launch, 8 new franchises.

Steven Spielberg writing/producing/directing Halo TV series for Xbox ONE.

Re: Xbox ONE Officially Announced

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 5:44 pm
by bubba
waiting for E3 and the rest of the story.

want to know price, see real game play, confirm/deny always on connection.

could care less about the quick switching between tv and games, or the live tv integration (knowing ms that will cost money anyway). same for the voice commands and Kinect in general. can see the see it now... son: xbox on, daughter: xbox off, son: xbox on, daughter: xbox off, son: daaaaaddd!!

would think with all the minds in the design crew they could have made something that didn't look like a VCR.

and why only 500gb? if your ripping the game to the drive I'd think it will fill up quick.

Re: Xbox ONE Officially Announced

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 7:03 am
by KnightRid

Yea, just like the PS4. Did they get together and come up with specs that would use the cheapest cpu they could get and base everything on the Radeon 7000 series GPU?

Looks like a cereal box. HDMI passthru just means you have to have one more device sucking down energy just to use the voice features. Why not make a deal with a provider to include 100% functionality without the providers set top box? Rip everything to a 500gb hard drive? Bubba is right, it will fill up FAST.

Blu-ray :finga: - clearing throat - just like I KEEP saying, the discs are not going away any time soon. We need faster internet speeds and a lot bigger hard drives included in these systems to make that feasible.

I like the new kinect but the features are gimmicky. My Harmony remote can turn everything on at once and I dont have to open my mouth lol

Maybe I am too cynical in old age but neither of these so called next-gen devices are really anything but a current gen computer with limited functionality. Nothing at all screams "future".

I am leaning very much towards going back to computer gaming even though video cards have stupid prices. I just cant see the point in using a console that isnt going to be next-gen after a year.

Re: Xbox ONE Officially Announced

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 8:40 am
by sgkean
I've tended to stay away from console gaming, I prefer the keyboard/mouse route. But that being said, I do see the point in it for $400 and it's good for next 5 years (providing it doesn't break). PC gaming, you have to keep up to date to get the latest graphics, which means much more money.

The hard drive size, I had the same reaction...500gb? Um...that would be filled by a gamer pretty quick. Especially if they do any of the TV stuff on it.

The graphics look great but everything else not so much. Both will sell big time though.

As for the disc's not going away, I really don't want them to. Maybe I'm getting old too, but something about having it in my hands to do with as I please means a lot. Being able to loan a disc to a friend is a big aspect of it. That being said, I do rip my discs to my drive :D Especially useful when going on road trips...

As for the style of the systems, both of them look like crap IMHO.