RAM sticks without XMP profiles?

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RAM sticks without XMP profiles?

Post by Albert90 »

Do some of the cheaper RAM sticks come without XMP Profiles baked into them? Because a friend of mine bought a pair of 8 GB DDR4 3200MHz sticks, but XMP shows up as unsupported in his BIOS.

Do you think he perhaps cheaped out on the sticks? I'll link them below so you can get an idea. They are 3200MHz but they seem pretty run of the mill ( no RGB either, that's how you know they ain't gamer sticks 😎). Should he just manually adjust the ram frequency from his BIOS to use the full 3200MHz now?

The RAM in question:
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Re: RAM sticks without XMP profiles?

Post by KnightRid »

Run cpu-z and see if the SPD says XMP - if not then the memory doesn't support it.

I never had XMP ram as I can still adjust the speed in bios. I think xmp requires you go into bios also but it just has set profiles depending on the ram modules, motherboard and cpu.
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